Common road accident causes

Trouble on the road is very likely for drivers who don’t take precaution on the road. However, there are various reasons why road accidents occur, and it is important to be aware of these. This is why we listed down several of the common causes of driving mishaps. Check the items that you totally relate to and see if you have a high risk of causing chaos on the road.

Not following traffic signs

What happens when you surpass the allowed speed limit? Failure to have full control of vehicle and not able to see the other vehicles. And if you try to beat the red light, you may hit an innocent pedestrian. Drunk driving is also prevalent as alcohol decreases the focus of the driver. Simple ignoring of the traffic rules can cause too much problems compared to just simply observing them.


Improper attitude towards driving such as negligence or impatience may cause a lot more damage than you would expect. Being fast and furious does not mean being amazing, it means reckless and possible crime sentence. If other drivers are enraged, don’t join them in the party. Instead, avoid them and drive away from them if possible.

Distracted and not focus

Pretty simple logic, if you don’t look at the road, you won’t see what’s ahead. Diverting your attention from driving can result to serious outcomes. Small deeds like a quick glance at the phone, or changing the music, may have detrimental effects. A hundred percent attention is required to preventing crashing your vehicle or hitting pedestrians. Alertness is very important. If you are going through something, having a cloudy mind on the road is not ideal. Take the public transport instead.


There are times we often drive without expecting any heavy downpour. Before going, make sure to check first with the weather news, especially for rainy seasons.

Tired and drowsy

Lack of energy is not a good qualification for going behind the steering wheel. If you think you are exhausted or feel sleepy, pull over and park your car for a while. Don’t take the risk of driving in these conditions, take a rest instead. Drink caffeine if necessary.

Not maintained car

Sometimes, car accidents are the fault of unmaintained cars. Does your vehicle undergo regular inspection or constant oil change? If repair is needed, contact Stud Road Panels. Don’t take the chance of driving a possibly defective car. If the engine or other car components need fixing, address it immediately.

These above items are basic common sense, but they still happen and can escalate things that you would regret. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. But prevention can be done by being aware and cautious, for the safety and order in the road.

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