How to Fix a Dent in Your Car?

If you are a regular driver, getting dents in your vehicle is as certain as taxes. How often you get these dents may depend on your individual skill as a driver. However, you would have to expect at least one in your lifetime. Dents are not serious injuries to your vehicle that will hinder its normal operation. But dents can make your car look very unsightly. Most drivers balk at the sight of dents.

In the case your vehicle does end up with a dent for whatever reason, there are two options available to you: take your car to a repair shop or try to have the dent repaired yourself. Most people choose the first option. Indeed, if the dent is serious and has harmed the paint, then you do need to find a reputable local car body repairs Bath auto shop to restore the original look. But if the dent is small and hasn’t damaged the paint, then you may not need to bother with going to an auto shop. Here are several DIY tricks to have small vehicle dents fixed at home:

Use a Plunger

Yes, it’s possible to restore dents with a plunger. A dent essentially means that the exterior metal of your vehicle has been pushed in. Grab a plunger at home and use some water on the vehicle and the plunger to create a vacuum seal between the two objects. Then use the plunger over the sunken area to pull it back upwards. Keep plunging until the dent pops out. Now your car’s exterior would look as nice as new.

Pour Boiling Water on It

Plungers won’t work with dents caused in the plastic parts of your vehicle like the bumpers. In this case, boiling water is your friend. The hot water can reduce the stiffness of the dented material making it easy to restore into original shape. Start by placing a metal pan or a pot on the dent. Then pour boiling water into it. Once it starts to get hot, you can reach behind and try to push out the dent. Keep in mind that the heat will quickly dissipate into the air so get to work quickly. You might want to keep kettle of hot water nearby to keep pouring in to retain the heat.

Try the Hair Dryer Method

You can apply heat using hair dryers instead of boiling water. But with this method, you would need a can of compressed air as well. The hair dryer will cause the plastic or the metal of the car’s body to expand. Then when it’s still hot, spray the cold compressed air onto the dent. Physics 101, the dent will pop out (as long as it’s minor).

Use the Vacuum on the Dent

Get the vacuum cleaner in the house to try to force the dent to pop out. A vacuum essentially sucks things in and it might do it for the dent as well. For the vacuum suction to work as effective as possible, cover the dent in a small bucket or a similar item. Then create a hole in the bottom to place the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner (use the largest nozzle opening for the job). You can attach the bucket in place using some cello tape. The more powerful the vacuum cleaner is, the more effective this method would be.

If none of the above methods work, take your car to the auto shop. Don’t be desperate and damage your car trying to pop the dent out yourself.

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