Quick Steps to Take if your Rental Car Breaks Down

While most car-rental companies will have their vehicles in safe and functional condition, there are times when rental cars have had their own misfortunes and had a breakdown. If this happens to you, your priority is to ensure your own safety, then the safety of your passengers if there is any traveling with you. The next step would be to inspect the car to identify the cause of the breakdown and call the relevant companies to determine the liabilities and best course of action. Here are a few first steps that you need to take if your rental car breaks down on you.

Stay Calm and Try to Move Out from Traffic

Whether it breaks down while moving or while stopped in a parking lot, you must always remain calm and composed. If you are driving, then steer the car towards the side of the road and bring the vehicle to a complete stop. If you have safety devices such as flares or reflective devices, then you can set these up on the side of the highway that oncoming traffic can see you and avoid your car. Don’t try to drive the vehicle with the breakdown because this is dangerous to both you and your passengers and will cause more serious damage to the vehicle.

Call for Assistance

If you are locked inside your car after a breakdown, you may want to call a mobile locksmith Brisbane before you decide to break anything. Moreover, if your rental car was in an accident, or broke down in an unsafe area or at night, then calling for help is the best option. Alternatively, if the car breaks down in a well-populated, safe area and no one is injured, then you will not have the need to phone for assistance. However, calling the car-rental company and then a tow truck if necessary will be your first options.

Inspect the Car

If you can get out of the vehicle safely and stand in a safe location to inspect the vehicle then try to understand where the breakdown occurred. If the breakdown was due to mechanical issues, then you will have to let your car rental company know immediately so that they know it is not your fault and should not be held responsible or liable to pay for any damages. Photographs will help you prove this if the damage or broken parts are visible. However, if you are at fault for the failure through negligence or any kind of irresponsible driving, and then you will likely need to pay for the repairs and damages.

Contacting the Rental Company

Before you take any vehicle for rent from a rental company, it is important to read through the rental agreement thoroughly. There will be a lot of clauses that will describe who will be liable for various types of breakdowns, accidents and damages to the vehicle. If you know how the vehicle broke down, check through the agreement to see where you would fit in with the clause. You may be required to pay for parts or even the entire repair in some instances. Always plan ahead and read the agreement before signing up for vehicle rentals.

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