Tips for learning to drive a stick shift

Learning to drive a stick shift car is like learning to swim. It is not something you may have to use all the time, but when you do get the chance to use it, it could either save your life or at least be a lot of fun. However, just like learning to swim, it is not something you can learn to do immediately, so it is something that you will have to give some time. Here are some tips which could help you with driving a stick shift car.

Familiarize yourself with the locations

This is the first thing you will need to do when learning to drive a manual car. The clutch pedal is located to the left, the brake pedal to the right of it and on the right side, is the gas pedal. When it comes to driving a manual car the clutch pedal is what is going to be your friend. You will need to use the clutch pedal when starting the car and to shift gears. There will usually be either four or five gears in the car along with a reverse gear. Remember that the neutral position is not considered to be a gear, but rather the absence of it.


Get used to the gears

The next thing you will need to get used to is the location of the gears. This will differ from vehicle to vehicle, but there will typically be an indication of this on the gear stick. The first gear is usually the same for any car, to the left and up. This is the gear that offers the most power and is used when starting the car or for climbing up hills. The second gear is also quite powerful and offers a little more speed as well. The reverse gear is what typically differs from vehicle to vehicle.

Starting the car

Before you can drive the car around, you will need to learn to start it. Before you start the car, there are a few procedures you will have to follow. The first thing you will need to do is set the gear to neutral. If you avoid doing so, the car while jerk forward or backwards, depending on the gear, before coming to a stall. Once the gear is set to neutral, hold down the clutch pedal while turning the engine on. Afterwards, let the vehicle rev up a little before you move the car in gear.


Learning to drive a manual car can be a challenging, but fun way to learn to drive a car. These tips should help you with learning to drive.


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