Trying Hard to Keep Your Car Clean Every day?

Going through a bad breakup can shatter your heart and give you immense pain, but have you ever spilt coffee on the leather seats of your babe? Only car lovers know the trauma of it but even the not-so car obsessed folks out there have gone through a point in life where they take a day off to wash the car clean. If you’ve got kids, then trying to keep the vehicle popcorn or chips free can be a daunting task, especially if you’re driving them to and from school every day. A few tips listed below might help you out and keep your babe dazzling all the time.

Wet Wipes.

We’ve all been through it, whether it’s a morning coffee you’re trying to gulp down when you rush to work crossing speed limits and accidentally spill on the steering wheel or the bottle of Coke you forgot to close with its lid after the party and it’s gushing out in the back seat. And what have you got? A bunch of tissues that can barely be of any help. However having wet wipes will make all the cleaning easier as they far more effective than fast food napkins.


Car organisers are like a mini storage compartment that can be stuck to the back of the front seats. Holding a handbag or purse that looks like it’s about to explode, bustling with everything from journals to diaries and extra diapers can be a little too annoying, especially when it’s your husband carrying it trying to help you out but only making it worse by grumbling the entire time. An organiser can help you store all the handy things you might need, from stuffed toys to iPads, books and magazines. This could be the simplest way to keep things organised in your car.

Paint Sticks and Tooth Brushes.

Whether you googled Mazda car for Rent Singaporeand drive one for work or it’s your Mercedes Benz you’re using for college, cleaning every nook and cranny and trying to make sure they’re cleaner than your grandmother’s kitchen cabinets can be a harsh struggle. Those paint sticks that rot idle in your garage can be used to clean every spot in your car. Use an all-purpose cleaner to spray the areas between seats and consoles and cover the paint stick with a cloth and wipe it off. Use the toothbrushes that you long abandoned to clean dashboards.

Trash Can.

Who said trashcans were only for rooms? Probably no one ever and I’m just trying to prove a point, and anyways you really do need to consider having one in your car. It doesn’t have to be a big bucket but a small car trash can would just do fine. This way the inside of your car doesn’t look like it just had had hot shower of toilet paper and half eaten gummy candies. You might not be able to completely eliminate all the litter, but think about it, you might also not have to keep picking up the dirt after every drive to the park or beach and emptying the trash is also made easy.

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