What To Do In Case Of A Breakdown?

Breakdowns are one of the worst misfortunes that can happen to any motorist. However, sooner or later, they are bound to happen and to be on the safe side, it is best that you always stay protected and ready so that if or when a breakdown happens, it can help you save time and finish the entire task minus the hassle associated with the process.

Make Sure You Have All The Essential Details Ready

Always have your mechanic’s or garage’s number ready at hand. If you are in Canberra or the surrounding region, get a mechanic Canberra saved on your phone. If the problem in the vehicle is too big to be handled on the spot, you are going to need someone to tow the vehicle home or to the garage so this step is very important. Make sure to also carry an emergency kit in your vehicle all the time. Just stash it in the boot of your vehicle and hope you never have to use it! Some of the things you can include in the emergency kit is a torch, simple tools (that can help change a tire, screw or unscrew components), a water bottle or tow, a first aid kit and a couple of blankets for good measure.

Keep An Eye On The Status Of The Vehicle

Always keep an eye on your vehicle’s dashboard. This is where the vehicle will display any warning signals if the vehicle’s system recognizes there is a problem at hand. Other signs you should be aware of include weird sounds emitting from the vehicle or changes in the movement of the vehicle or the handling associated with the vehicle. Regularly check the engine’s temperature. This can be done by looking at the gauge present on every vehicle dashboard. Being alert to all of these can help you recognize an issue long before it happens and even if it happens, you can still provide much-needed information to the mechanic or the patroller.

When The Breakdown Occurs

When in the middle of a vehicle breakdown, rather than panicking, follow a couple of points. To start with, ease the vehicle off the road and to the sides, safely away from the traffic. Do not ever stop a vehicle in the middle of a highway. It will almost always ensure you get rear-ended due to the high speeds that vehicles travel in on the highways. Once you have pulled yourself to the sides, remember to make the vehicle as visible as possible. Switch on the hazard lights and keep your headlights on the entire time too. This helps indicate that you need help. If you are in a situation that is hazardous or dangerous, it is best that you call the police on the emergency line so that they can send someone over to check up on you and to ensure that you are safe and sound. Depending on the situation, you might also want to contact your insurance company and let them know what happened.

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